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A Quick Video Tour of the Logging Camp

The video was taken in 2006 (before there were good smartphone cameras), but the excellent thumbnail image for this video was taken in 2017 by Mikofox Photography. In fact, all of the still pics on this page are his and, because they are so awesome, a gallery of more of his work is included below.

The Amazing Work of Mikofox Photography

Please check out the Mikofox Photography Flickr Photostream!

At the top of his profile page, he says, “What seems a long time ago, I emigrated from the edge of the Black Forest, to the backwoods of the Yukon” and, as a Holbergarian who enjoyed working with and getting to know some of the many Europeans who also worked at the logging operation, I urge you to check out more of Mikofox’s breathtaking images at They truly do capture the magic of the North Island!

Nostalgia Corner

A Corny Documentary Short from the NFB

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