Google Archives came up with these articles, but the only way I could capture them was with the blue and gold highlights. Click on the thumbnails to see larger, more legible images.

Front page news about an accident where a “falling tree crushes pickup” on the road from Port Hardy to Holberg; North Island Gazette – Sept 30, 1971

An entertaining editorial that brings back a lot of memories about the perils of driving on the “wrong side of the road”; North Island Gazette – June 14, 1989

Fed up with ongoing travel difficulties, 431 people in the area sign a petition for better road maintenance;
North Island Gazette – Dec. 19, 1974

A typical story (extracted from the page spread on the right) about ICBC’s abuse of a driver whose car was damaged by the deplorable condition of the Holberg road;
North Island Gazette – Dec. 1, 1977

The story on the left comes from this page spread. Take note of the Shop Easy ad (and prices!) on the left side;
North Island Gazette – Dec. 1, 1977

Story about Rayonier Canada’s big plans to develop Holberg into a “Major Camp.”
North Island Gazette – Oct. 8, 1969

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  1. Susan Dunfield

    I am looking for the song about Holberg. Had five verses. We lived on the radar base around 1963-65 and our mother sang it to us. I thought I heard it played on the CBC radio but they can’t find it. Can you help? Thank you.


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