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Photo Credit: San Josef Bay by Rick McCharles

The Best Ever San Josef Bay Video

Once a favourite attraction for mainly just Holberg residents, San Josef Bay is now very easy to access and a destination for folks from all over the world. The following video was created by a drone pilot named Stu Crabe. It is truly the best video that has ever been produced about San Josef Bay. Wow!

San Josef Bay Photo Gallery

In the gallery below, a few of the first images are old ones taken by unknown photographers a long time ago (maybe me?) and the larger, higher quality images were found on Rick McCharles’s Flickr page. Thank you, Rick, for making them available through Creative Commons!

The Show Tree and Other Curiosities

Some other websites erroneously give credit to someone who started this, supposedly in 1989. In truth, the tradition started long before my early 70’s stint in Holberg. It may have been the 60’s or even 50’s when the shoe tree was born and it apparently had something to do with some hikers who had ventured out to Cape Scott and ended up suffering from the shock and awe of discovering that the trail was extremely muddy and difficult to traverse. As a way of expressing their shock and awe (and perhaps warning others who might be thinking of taking the treacherous hike), they hung their mud-soaked hiking boots on the tree. From there, word got around that this was the thing to do if you had even gotten close to Cape Scott–and a local tradition had soon taken root.

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